If you are looking for the best furniture moving company in Ashburn, you are in the right place. The Extra Moving Help Team offers furniture moving services; we have been in the moving industry for many years. Over the years, we have gained a good reputation among our clients. When it comes to moving furniture and other items, there is no one better than us. We offer services as per the requirements of the clients.

Extra Moving Help Team is a local furniture moving company that offers services in locations such as Ashburn, Alexandria, and Manassas. We operate in these areas and offer moving services for residential and offices. If you are moving a house or relocating an office, call us, and we’ll be there.

Some of the Services We offer are as Follow:

  • House moving
  • Moving in and out
  • Furniture removal services
  • Office relocation
  • Heavy lifting
  • Furniture moving and packing
  • Gym equipment moving and packing
  • Piano packing and moving services
  • Transportation for moving or storage
  • Packing and unpacking services
  • Loading and unloading services

We help clients move furniture and other items to another location. Moreover, if you are moving furniture in the house and require help in heavy lifting, our services are available for you as well. Most clients require help in moving around furniture. You can do it yourself; however, there is always a risk of injuries. Many people have gotten injured while moving their household furniture by themselves. We do not advise doing this yourself as you can hurt yourself. Picking up something heavy in the incorrect posture can result in back injuries and back problems that last a lifetime. It is best to avoid lifting heavy items if you can. Moreover, older people should avoid it completely. In such an instance, you need the help of a furniture moving team. They are professionals who have been moving around furniture for a long time. They take necessary precautions to avoid injuries. They also have the appropriate equipment to help clients in the move.

Why Hire the Extra Moving Help Team?

As a local furniture moving company, we have close ties with our clients and customers. Because of this, we have repeated clients. However, there are other reasons why you should hire us:

Cost-effective Services

We offer affordable furniture moving services to clients. You will see that our prices are market competitive.

Friendly Staff

Our staff is loyal and trustworthy. We assure our clients regarding the trustworthiness of our staff. They do their job honestly. We understand the anxiety a client may face in trusting a stranger with their possession. Hence, our team ensures that the client is satisfied with our services.

Efficient Services

We believe in offering timely services and getting to the task at hand without wasting the time of our clients. We charge on an hourly basis and make sure that the task gets done in the allotted time. When you book our services, we get to your location on time.

Transport Services

Most furniture moving companies do not offer transport services themselves. They may hire or rent transport equipment. However, we own our moving truck and offer transport services to all clients that require it. Our transport is efficient and safe. Our driver is experienced and provides safe delivery of your items and furniture right to the doorstep.

Customer-Centric Services

We cater to all our customers and offer services as per the requirements of the client. Whether you are moving out or moving in, we can help you in setting up furniture in the house. We also offer packing services. A client can ask for services they require. If you require an extra set of hands to pack up equipment, our staff is willing to offer these services as well.

For more information regarding Ashburn furniture moving help Ashburn, feel free to reach out to us. Our team would be glad to help you out with any queries.H



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We started in 2010 with the ultimate goal of providing professional movers on call to facilitate the tedious process of moving. Whether it is moving a heavy item like a piano or a bulky dresser, let us alleviate your stress!

Refund Policy:
All jobs are scheduled with an advance reservation deposit. Jobs are not eligible for a refund if scheduled within 14 days of scheduled moving date. *Date priority can be changed up to 45 days without any rescheduling fee. *Insurance is not provided for labor-only services.