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Extra Moving Help Team specializes in moving heavier furniture items and commercial items up to 1,000 lbs. Are you moving a large safe soon? We have you covered. We can also transport your safe up or down flight(s) of stairs. Looking for the best safe movers in my area? What about the top safe movers in my area? Are you moving moving a larger safe over 500lbs? We are available same-day to assist you! Are you searching for a safe moving company near me? We also provide professional gun safe movers. These are highly experienced heavy safe and gun safe movers ready to assist you.

We are expert couch and sofa movers also! Do you need help moving a couch? OR Hoisting couch over balcony, Lifting couch over balcony or somebody to help move a couch? Ready to hire someone to move a couch, then let us facilitate the process for you!

DO you need help moving one piece of furniture? Yes we have movers that specialize in one piece heavy furniture moving! Do you need in house furniture movers near me or do you need to hire same-day moving help? Yes, our movers can be booked same day and assist with furniture moving within your home.

DO you need help moving heavy furniture upstairs? Do you just simply need moving furniture upstairs? Yes was also provide equipment from larger, heavier furniture items. If you are saying to yourself “I need help moving furniture,” You have found the right company.

DO you need help moving a sofa or someone to move a couch today? Call or Text us 24 HOURS for your professional, same-day “sofa movers” to the rescue! We can also provide packing a couch for moving in preparation for your upcoming move! Northern VA’s best move sofa service and hoisting sofa service. We also provide massage chair movers and professional couch movers. Want to hire movers to move your couch only? Does it require lifting couch over balcony? Yes we can hoisting or lift your sofa over the balcony as high as 100 FT.

DO you need elliptical movers, elliptical movers near me, elliptical machine movers, a peloton bike moving service, move treadmill service,  treadmill movers, move heavy treadmill, moving treadmill company, peloton movers, peloton moving service, peloton moving service, peloton bike movers, movers elliptical machine, or peloton treadmill movers? Yes we move it all. Exercise moving equipment is our specialty including treadmill, elliptical and peloton moving within your home!

DO you need loading help for moving? We also provide packing and movers. Our professional movers and packers will provide quality materials to assist with transporting furniture without dings or damage! What about simply providing help moving heavy furniture in-house? Yes we handle in-house furniture moving as well. Looking furniture moving helpers near me? We cover a 120 mile radius of DC, MD and VA so we have you covered. Are “moving helpers near me service,” are always fast, reliable, same day and punctual.

Ask yourself any of the following: need a heavy item mover, help moving one piece of furniture, moving just a few pieces of furniture, large item movers, need mover for one piece of furniture, i need help moving furniture, moving help by the hour, hire moving help, moving heavy furniture upstairs, furniture mover near me, moving furniture up stairs, movers for heavy furniture, movers heavy furniture, moving couch through door, moving pieces of furniture, help moving heavy furniture in house, single furniture movers near me, help moving furniture in house, movers for one piece of furniture, moving helpers near me, help moving furniture from one room to another, hire moving help, or moving furniture upstairs? We provide highly experienced movers to assist with moving or shifting any of your furniture within your home.

WE service almost every local city in a 120 mile radius. We provide local movers herndon va, local movers manassas and local heavy furniture movers and the best movers manassas va, movers in manassas va, movers in Alexandria, va, interstate moving companies manassas va, local moving companies. We provide a heavy lifting movers near me service. We also provide helpers to move furniture near me. We are one of NOVA’s top rated moving companies. We provide you top rated furniture movers. We offer professional packing services for apartments to single family homes! Do you just want to hire moving help? Yes, we provide moving help for loading and unloading or just packing for move date preparation. We are one the top packing companies for moving. Looking for local moving companies near me? You have found the best local moving helpers near me and we are 5 Star Rated with over 200+ reviews!

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The team did a great job moving some very heavy furniture from the 2nd floor for us, and were very careful not to scuff the walls or the furniture in the process. They were very efficient and took care of my project in about 30 minutes. I would absolutely hire them again.

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We started in 2010 with the ultimate goal of providing professional movers on call to facilitate the tedious process of moving. Whether it is moving a heavy item like a piano or a bulky dresser, let us alleviate your stress!

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All jobs are scheduled with an advance reservation deposit. Jobs are not eligible for a refund if scheduled within 14 days of scheduled moving date. *Date priority can be changed up to 45 days without any rescheduling fee. *Insurance is not provided for labor-only services.