Extra Help Moving Team is a local furniture moving company in Alexandria that has been offering its services for several years. With a dedicated and experienced staff, we have been able to earn a good reputation in the area.

Despite being a relatively small company, we help clients in moving furniture and other household equipment within the house. We have the appropriate equipment to deal with moving heavy and lightweight furniture items in your house. Whether it is furniture, gym equipment, piano moving, or other items, we can help you move it in your house.

Apart from this, our team can help you move to another place. You can also hire us for office relocation and residential moving locally. In this regard, our team will help you in packing and unpacking items as well transportation. You can also hire us if you are planning to move items to a storage facility.

Our staff is experienced in moving all sorts of items. Because each item has a sentimental value to the owner, our staff takes extreme care in moving such items. Hence, we keep all your belongings safe. It is especially true for heavy items, such as pieces of furniture that have been in a family for generations. Moving heavy and delicate items, such as a piano, requires a lot of experience. Our staff takes all precautions to reduce the risk of damage to the equipment.

Why hire the Extra Moving Help Team?

Apart from the fact that we have the relevant expertise in moving furniture, there are several other reasons why you should hire us:


Contrary to other furniture moving help in Alexandria, we offer affordable services. As a local company, we don’t have any overhead charges that we have to cater to, which means that the prices we offer are market competitive and affordable for most of our clients.

The cost of our services depends on the number of people you hire as well as the working hours. So, our rate is on a per hour basis.

Timely and Safe Delivery Services

Although we are a small team of furniture movers, we offer timely services. Our team is capable of handling any workload. The reason is that we are realistic whilst taking on clients. We only take work that our team is able to complete on time.

We don’t rent a transport vehicle. Hence, we have one at our disposal at all times. Hence, we are able to offer timely delivery services.

Efficient Staff

Over the years, we have worked for many clients. It has helped us gain experience and allowed us to work efficiently. Moreover, we have a dedicated team that gels well together. Hence, we facilitate clients with an efficient staff that knows how to get the job done on time. Our staff is cooperative and caters to your needs.

Trustworthy and Reliable

Having a reliable furniture moving service to cater to you is essential. Most clients are wary of hiring any run-off-the-mill moving company. However, we have been able to develop trust with our clients through our dealings. Our staff is trustworthy and does their job with honesty. You will not find a reason to complain.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

There are many furniture moving companies in Alexandria. However, they don’t put as much emphasis on customer satisfaction as we do. As a local company, we thrive on forming connections with our clients. This is important in our line of work. It also ensures that our staff is able to fulfill a client’s expectations. Our team cooperates with the people they work for.

If you are moving homes or relocating an office, there is no better option for you than the Extra Help Moving Team. We provide furniture moving help in Alexandria.


For those searching for a “moving furniture company near me,” feel free to call our number to get in touch with one of our representatives. We will be happy to guide you.

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About Us

We started in 2010 with the ultimate goal of providing professional movers on call to facilitate the tedious process of moving. Whether it is moving a heavy item like a piano or a bulky dresser, let us alleviate your stress!

Refund Policy:
All jobs are scheduled with an advance reservation deposit. Jobs are not eligible for a refund if scheduled within 14 days of scheduled moving date. *Date priority can be changed up to 45 days without any rescheduling fee. *Insurance is not provided for labor-only services.